Organizational Behavior

Myndsi sees things differently, bringing this new perspective – and with it, new value – to the world of business. We understand that companies are living, breathing entities. Their needs, capabilities, and relationships are complex. This has been largely disregarded in the past. Your organization is more than a sum of its parts, and we consult accordingly. We take a fresh approach to how we consult, leveraging a league of experts with a wide range of experience and years of expertise in their fields to help your business plan and activate a future in which it thrives in a congruent and cohesive way. If you’re ready to create new results and go further than you ever have before, we should talk.
Our work is a secret weapon for our clients, and out of courtesy and discretion, which we value, please understand that we do not publicize their names here. We look forward to creating your results and would be happy to answer any questions you have about our capabilities.

Diagnosing the emotional culture of the company.
EQ training in the workplace
Team building
Organizational design and operating model
Change management
Leadership behaviors
HR Support