Industries Expertise

Myndsi has vast experience and talents which can help any department in essentially all industries. We combine our knowledge of the industry you operate in and add to the experience gained from others to help our clients get new insights and resolve challenges with ease. In addition, our clients gain a strategic plan to follow into the future.  We understand companies are living, breathing entities that require unique solutions to fit companies values, needs, and goals.  We do not believe in cookie cutter strategies.


Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure

Our construction, engineering and infrastructure practice provides advisory and supports on key issues in a project with our proprietary algorithm. We work closely with lawyers, forensic analysis, government and private and public sector companies.


The CNC world is a congested market with large, well-established competitors already in place. Manufactories, small shops, distributor, and dealers face difficulties to stand out, securing contracts and growing within the sector.  Our team understands this and will help you to overcome any obstacle with ease and confidence.


The consumer goods and services industry can be challenging in the current market. We can help you to grow fast and stay competitive without losing quality. We can also help you with increasing the number of markets and channels of sales and be as profitable as you dream of being and more. 

Goods & Services



The healthcare organizations are changing as quickly as any other industry; patients are changing the way they see medicine today as an establishment. We work with top healthcare providers to shift the way they are doing business to better serve the changing needs of their patients. We also help them reduce their costs while simultaneously delivering exceptional value to their clients.


Our team has exceptional experience in industrial manufacturing: mostly in the United States, Europe, and South America.  We help our clients with the tools necessary to face their challenges in the global community.

Industrial Manufacturing


Our team of real estate consultants helps support owners, users, developers, and investor no matter of the industry or sect. Our diversity and knowledge of the industry will help you to turn problems into possibilities.

Real Estate


The retail environment is one of the most complex to understand and endless risk is the norm. The constantly changing of trends and needing to the be at the right time and the right place makes this industry very complex . Timing is key for healthy profit margin. Our team understands this and what it takes to succeed in a market continually changing and evolving.



Our award winning team loves to work with startups and has a deep knowledge of what it takes to build a business from the ground up no matter what the challenge is: launching, entering new markets with an innovative product or service, or just helping you to see your idea with new eyes and open you up to new opportunities.  

Start up


As every technology person is aware, the complicated interaction of interfacing software, hardware, and technology service takes time, planning and the right set of eyes to see the vision come to fruition. Our team can assist you in diagnostic and implementing software, hardware or IT services.



Don't you see your industry? Contact us and see how we can help your business.