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Crisis Management

Navigating the complex environment of Explosive growth or Debilitating downturns can be a challenge for even the most experienced business professional. When coupled with inadequate cash flow; marketing and distribution disruptions; vendor conflicts and confiscatory tax agencies makes the maze of successful outcomes even more daunting.

A Pragmatic approach to crisis management evaluates the specific market forces confronting your business and outlines the best options to capitalize on those opportunities which leverage your strengths and mitigate your exposure to arrive at the best outcome.

Identify Cash Flow needs to fund growth Identify hidden Resources      
Provide Financing Options
Prioritize Cash Flow   
Identify Strategic Alliances to increase distribution while reducing COGS
Obtain Financing Options       
Increase after tax Profit thru modified ownership structure.
Determine if it’s a “save your way thru; or sell your way out” strategy
Optimize Profit Centers
Exit strategy evaluation: Renewal; Strategic Alliances; Merger