Myndsi was created by a group of Presidential Key Executive MBA's and PMP's to be the most trusted and accurate team in the forensic and project control analysis field. This combination, plus over 40 years of the experience in the field and an impeccable track record in court, will give your organization the peace of mind to focus and overcome productivity challenges with confidence. Your organization is more than a sum of its parts; our team will consult according to what your organizations needs and will leverage our experts to help you achieve your goals.

Our work is a “secret weapon” for our clients.  Please understand that out of courtesy and discretion, which we highly value, we do not publicize the names of our clients.  We look forward to assisting in achieving your desired results and will be happy to answer any questions you have about our capabilities.


Myndsi’s vision is to set the new standard of how the provider of forensic analysis does business and operates.  In a market with not that many experts, and an antique way to analyze forensics, our team strives to establish new standards of how to analyze and provide reports to our customers with accuracy, speed, and trust.


Our mission it is to bring a new perspective – and with it, new value – to the world of business. We understand that companies are living, breathing entities. Their needs, capabilities and relationships are complex. This has been largely disregarded in the past.


Provide extra value for our customers any time it is possible


Be clear in our goals and our services


We listen to our customer’s feedback and improve as necessary


Like in any industry things can change dramatically overnight, it is essential to be able to change and adapt